Frequently Asked Questions


What is TransCor’s transporting authority?

Our transportation officers, by law, have the same legal authority as their public agency counterparts, providing customary care, custody and control, without the ability to arrest. TransCor trains and is in full compliance with the Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000.

Where is TransCor located?

Our headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee. We have field offices throughout the United States. For a complete list of our field office locations, please refer to our directory:

Do TransCor’s transportation officers have law enforcement experience?

The majority of our transportation officers have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, corrections and military service. Additionally, many hold academic degrees.

Does TransCor hire female transportation officers?

We believe in strength through diversity and equal opportunities for all. More than 40% of our transportation officers are female, which greatly exceeds the national average in the transportation industry. In the field, women often lead and they serve at all levels.

Every TransCor transportation officer, regardless of gender, is fully trained to successfully manage men, women, and juveniles at all security levels.

For more about our career opportunities, visit:

How long has TransCor been in business?

TransCor is the industry leader, founded in 1990 in Tennessee and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoreCivic.

How many prisoners has TransCor moved?

Since 1990, our professionals have transported more than 1 million individuals throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. We have had the pleasure of serving well over 2,000 agencies, averaging more than 2.2 million miles annually.

How is TransCor’s safety record?

Our safety record is exemplary based on an enhanced vehicle inspection and maintenance schedule, detailed record keeping, and an average fleet age of approximately three years. Each quarter we reward many officers for maintaining an accident-free record.

Are TransCor’s transportation officers armed?

The safety and security of the public, our staff, and those in our care are our highest priorities. As such, our transportation officers are carefully trained and experienced in both lethal and non-lethal defense techniques.

Does TransCor transport high risk inmates?

We safely and securely transport individuals at all security levels.

Are all inmates and detainees restrained during transportation?

Detainees and inmates are restrained and secured in accordance with federal, state, and government partners’ regulations. Policies can vary depending on local regulations, passenger security levels, and vehicular features. We provide safe, secure, humane treatment at all costs.

Does TransCor transport females and juveniles?

Every TransCor transportation officer is trained to manage men, women, and juveniles at all security levels. We do our utmost to ensure an experienced female officer is present for female transports. All detainees and inmates, and especially juveniles and other more vulnerable populations, are transported with the utmost safety and respect, in accordance with national and local guidelines.

Does TransCor have a drug-testing program?

TransCor is a drug-free workplace. Additionally, all applicants submit to an extensive screening process that includes a fingerprint-based background check. We randomly drug-test, in compliance with Department of Transportation guidelines and company policy.

Does TransCor provide training and licensing for transportation officers?

Most of our staff hold CDL licenses. In certain circumstances, we provide financial assistance for staff seeking to earn their CDL licensure.

Following our comprehensive three-week training program administered by certified professionals, new transportation officers must successfully complete nine trips under the supervision of a Senior Transportation Officer. Additionally, all officers receive 40-hours of annual, in-service training for recertification. We also have a number of advanced training programs and services, including CoreCivic University and e-learning programs.