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Secure Transportation Services

TransCor is proud to provide a full range of secure transportation services. We serve federal, state, and local governments and agencies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Our Inmate Transportation Capabilities include:

  • Secure inmate and detainee transportation

  • An extensive fleet of secure busses, vans, transporters, and cars — all rigorously maintained to ensure safety, security, reliability, and comfort

  • One-way and round trip transportation

  • Day and overnight trips

  • Accommodations for any number of passengers

  • Ground and air transport

  • Housing available in correctional centers throughout the United States

  • Compartmentalized and segregated bus configuration options for high risk or vulnerable inmates

Our Service Features include:

  • 24/7 partner support

  • Rigorous reporting to meet and exceed our partners’ policies and expectations

  • GPS tracking and on-board video monitoring of secure transports

  • Highly trained field and support staff, with extensive experience in all aspects of prisoner and detainee transport

  • Specialized inmate logistics consultants to help our partners plan and execute their transportation strategies


TransCor: The Trusted Partner

For more than three decades, TransCor’s team of experienced professionals has gone about the business of securely and safely transporting more than two million individuals. Our people do it in some of the most advanced and secure vehicles on the road today.

Our clients include US Marshals Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Immigration Customs Enforcement, and numerous state departments of corrections. These agencies trust us, every day. And with each successful transport, we affirm their trust.

We don’t just say we’re the industry leader, we demonstrate it through respect, trust, and by doing what’s right.

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