The TransCor Story


Providing Excellence in Prisoner Transportation since 1990.

TransCor was founded in 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee, which is where the company is based and headquartered. In 1994 we were acquired by CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America), and we remain the most experienced in prisoner and detainee transportation in the United States.

By the numbers, TransCor has safely moved — by ground vehicles and aircraft — more than 1.2 million prisoners and detainees throughout the United States and its territories. We handle men and women, including juvenile and adults, at all security levels for local, state, and federal agencies.


Our Goal

To be an innovative and cost saving solution to government agencies seeking safe and secure transportation of prisoners and detainees by well-trained corrections professionals.

Our Pledge

To recruit and train the industry’s best, dedicated to maintaining a workforce fully one-third comprised of retired, reserve and active duty military, offering a paramilitary command structure and generous benefits package which includes a safe harbor matching contribution retirement plan.



The TCA Way

TransCor shares a collective set of values that unite our staff and provide direction for our organization. These values are summarized in The TCA Way.


Our Vision:

To always be the best prisoner transportation company in the United States


Our Mission:

In partnership with government, we will provide a meaningful public service by operating the highest quality prisoner transportation company in the United States.


Our Guiding Principles:

As Prisoner Transportation Professionals


Be honest and highly ethical, always doing the right thing with honorable intentions.


Treat each other and offenders as we want to be treated. Appreciate the authority given to us and always use it appropriately.


Be competent and reliable. Build positive relationships.


Dedicate ourselves to our profession, our responsibilities, and each other.

As a Company

Safety and security

Dedicate every action to safe and secure prisoner transport. Through training, skill, and courage, protect the general public, individuals in our care, and each other.


Provide excellent prisoner transportation services every day.


Hold ourselves responsible for every action. Be good stewards of our customers’ interests.

Service Driven

Serve our government partners and communities with pride and dedication. Be flexible. Be great problem solvers. Deliver on our promises.

Cost Effectiveness

Provide honest, fair, and competitive pricing to our customers. Deliver value to our customers.


Share, inspire, and help one another daily. Don’t let others down, because together we make greater contributions.


Share information. Listen well. Speak honestly and openly with intent to always improve our efforts.


Think creatively and boldly. Value resourcefulness. Embrace our heritage as the private prisoner transportation leader.