Career Opportunities for Veterans

I had the privilege of serving as a United States Marine for 22 years. And if not for the principles and values I learned in the military — and TransCor’s embrace of those experiences — I would not be where I am today.
— Curt Sullivan, TransCor President – U.S. Marine Corps

We’re Veteran Strong

One of the many things we’re thankful for here at TransCor is the service and sacrifice of our veterans. It means a lot to us given that nearly 30% of our employees have a military service record.

With TransCor our veterans are at home, helping to protect our communities across the county, and working in a command structure similar to their experience in the U.S. armed forces.

Our veterans serve with honor and privilege and remind us what it means to take pride in our work. Service members know policy and procedure, and work as a team to bring pride to themselves and the organization. Discipline, honor, physical fitness, professional bearing, and an attention to detail are some of the qualities that make our service members so special.

As a veteran-friendly employer, we proudly hire veterans, based on their character, discipline and ability to lead.

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Veterans’ Testimonies

I am proud to be working with TransCor, where I have been able to implement the discipline and dedication that I learned in the military in a rewarding career with a company I love.
— Jeffrey Greene, Trip Manager – U.S. Army, 101st Airborne Division
It was an honor and privilege to serve my country and to be a U.S. Marine. And it is an honor and privilege to continue serving our nation as a part of the great family at TransCor.
— Mike Swinton, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – U.S. Marine Corps
I am a better person because of my military service and the growth opportunities which TransCor has graciously given to me. TransCor has relied on the qualities instilled in me by the military.
— David Gray, Managing Director, Ethics & Compliance – U.S. Army
I served my country for 10 years in the Army, and TransCor has given me the privilege for the last 16 years to continue to use the leadership, loyalty and dedication that I was taught.
— Charles Westbrook, Director of Operations – U.S. Army
Here at TransCor, it just has the feeling of a military environment. It’s familiar with the qualities of teamwork, camaraderie, and mission accomplished.
— Carl Spurlock, Director of Fleet Operations – U.S. Army
I served 4 ½ years in the United States Navy with 29 months of the time in the Vietnam Theatre. My experience has been a guiding principle as it relates to my work ethic and dedication to TransCor.
— John Rodriguez, Senior Director, Rick Management & Loss Prevention – U.S. Navy
The discipline, integrity, and teamwork I was taught during my years of service have stayed with me and proven invaluable at TransCor.
— Steve E. Sweet, Trip Planner – U.S. Navy