2019 National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

Throughout this week, we take pride in celebrating National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. In 1984 President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5187 creating National Correctional Officers Week. Accordingly, the first full week in May has since been recognized as National Correctional Officers Week to honor the work of correctional officers and correctional personnel nationwide. In 1996, the U.S. Senate officially changed the name of the week to National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. 

Correctional professionals have a difficult and dangerous assignment and their duty is an essential element of the correctional system. TransCor also serves a vital role in support of the corrections industry. Our Officers are responsible for the custodial trust and safeguard of more than 110,000 persons annually that are placed in our custody. This significant responsibility extends to each person in your care, each customer we represent, each teammate, and the general public. It's a responsibility that comes with great pride but is also often tested. One of the great qualities of our Officers is your true sense of humility. In times of enormous stress, you are constantly mindful of simple common decency and respect for others.    

National Nurses Week is also appropriately celebrated this week. Often described as an art and a science, nursing is a profession that is embraced by dedicated people with varied interests, strengths and passions.  We are very fortunate to have one of the finest correctional nurses, RN Vivian Marsh, on our team.

I firmly believe that a person's commitment to excellence in his or her chosen field of endeavor is proportional to his or her quality of life. Without question, each of you — uniformed and non-uniformed alike — make TransCor a better company each day you are on the job.

On behalf of the Executive Leadership Team, thank you for choosing this career and for your continued commitment to excellence. 


Curtiss D. Sullivan
President & General Manager           

Michael R. Swinton
Vice President & COO 

John Diffenderfer